Diary of the Wimpy Kid Book Series: A Hilarous Book Not to Miss

Diary of the Wimpy Kid book series are the most popular series for the kids and also adults. These book series which are made by Jeff Kinney consist of 5 illustrative books. Each of the illustration holds an important role for the whole story.

Out of those 5 illustrative books, the last book has the most interesting cover book. The expression that Greg has on the cover highly represents the entire story of the book.

Plot of the Story

From the beginning of the story, Greg Heffley has always wanted to be mature and all grown up. He always thinks that being all mature will be as interesting and exciting as he has imagined.

However, don’t you think that getting much older can be as pleasing as he wishes? Greg has to experience all things that cause him being under pressured started from the school party, more responsibility he has to handle, and even those awkward moments which come and go over time?

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Unwillingly he has to face all of those things without the presence of his lovely best friend, Rowley. He has thought that when his best friend is around, he will be able to conquer the world.

In these Diary of the Wimpy Kid book series tell about the life of Greg Heffley in both school and home. There were so many things that happened after the end of the summer.

Everything seems to get worse after he got into a fight with Rowley, failed during the audition of the Peachy Breeze, and also missed a party that was held by Jordan.

He thinks that it is going to be the end of his life due to her mom’s absence at home. He has to be responsible for preparing the breakfast by himself, doing the homework alone, and also everything.

Talking about the people around Greg, the worst and the most annoying role in this book belongs to Rowley.

Rowley has been so annoying and he got his karma during the party that was held by Jordan. Followed by Manny, this youngest sister of Rodrick is also annoying during the whole story in this book.

Who else that makes Greg suffers more and more? Do you know the house maid that Greg’s mother has hired brings Greg bad omens?

Just like those four previous books that have been printed and sold, it takes second for you to finish this book up. It is so light that you don’t have to spend time thinking for too much.

In fact, when you want me to give rate to this book from the hilarious side, I would give rate 2 out of 5. It is not as hilarious as those four previous books of Diary of the Wimpy Kid book series.

Although the main character is still as annoying as always but the entertaining level has been reduced a lot. In this book, the author emphasizes how unlucky Greg is.

Although this fifth book edition was quite disappointing, I would still be waiting for the upcoming book from the Diary of the Wimpy Kid book series.