Jesse Stone Novels In Order

 Jesse Stone is the lead character in a series of detective novels written by Robert B. Parker. They were among the first series where the novelist employed the third-person narrative, and his last works. The series was lasted by Michael Brandman. In April 2014, Reed Farrel Coleman assumed the writing of the series.

The novels are adapted as nine TV films. CBS commissioned the first eight films, and hauled from 2005 to 2012. The Hallmark Channel picked up A film, and aired on October 18, 2015.

The character starts the series at roughly 35 years of age. He is a former minor league baseball shortstop whose career had been cut short by a shoulder injury.

He had been raised in Arizona and California. Stone quickly notices that the town has big league offenses, fighting with the mob, white supremacists, wildly errant wives along with a homicide, and that his job will be more challenging than he expected. But, he demonstrates up to the job, arresting him and starting with making a corruption case.

The show chronicles Stone’s instances as chief of the Paradise Police Department, in addition to his struggles with alcohol and his complicated relationship with his ex-wife Jenn. He is respected and liked by the police officers from the town police department. He develops a Fantastic relationship and friendship with all all the State Police Homicide Commander.

Parker, comparing Stone into Spenser, the protagonist of his initial show and also the one for which he was best known, stated, “Jesse is a much more damaged person who is coming to terms with himself as he goes along.”

There’s some overlap of personalities with the Spenser novels, especially with Healy and Sunny Randall, also (in Night And Day Parker Novel) indirectly with Susan Silverman.

Jesse Stone Novels In Order

  • Night Passage (1997)
  • Trouble in Paradise (1998)
  • Death in Paradise (2001)
  • Stone Cold (2003)
  • Sea Change (2006)
  • High Profile (2007)
  • Stranger In Paradise (2008)
  • Night and Day (2009)
  • Split Image (2010)
  • Killing the Blues (2011)
  • Fool Me Twice (2012)
  • Damned If You Do (2013)
  • Blind Spot (2014)
  • The Devil Wins (2015)
  • Debt to Pay (2016)
  • The Hangman’s Sonnet (2017)