Mr Popper’s Penguins Book

Mr Popper’s Penguins Book written with illustrations by Robert Lawson, initially released in 1938, by Richard and Florence Atwater.

Mr. Popper is a house painter of modest means, residing with his wife and two children (Bill and Janie) in the small town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. He just works for half of the entire year as well as another half he spends sitting utilizing a world on his seat along with a book about Antarctic explorations.

He dreams of being an explorer himself. He reads about Admiral Drake and his expeditions. His favourite thing to read about is the penguins; he loves the penguins.


He begins to get bored without work so when the summer turns to fall, he determines to write Admiral Drake a letter asking him. Several weeks later, while listening to Admiral Drake’s radio show, he gets his response. Mr. Popper can not believe it, he is so interested to find out what he got.

When a big package is sent to his door he finds out several weeks afterwards. He opens it to find a big hunk of ice, and sitting on that ice was A PENGUIN! He was too excited. He was named Captain Cook following the man that first found the Antarctic by him. They get their deep freezer turned into a makeshift house. Captain Cook immediately becomes part of your family.

A few weeks after his entrance, Captain Cook begins to get depressed. He’s all alone and penguins are social creatures. A female penguin named Greta, who is also experiencing exactly the same symptoms is sent by a curator. Captain Cook gets better.

As time passes, eggs are laid by Greta. She continues until the total reaches ten laying a fresh egg every three days. When the eggs hatch, the Popper family now has twelve penguins to feed.

This presents a difficulty to Mr. Popper. His work in the warm months hardly make him enough money to get fish for all these penguins, jointly with turning his basement right into a penguin habitat, and today with all the need to continue the wintertime, he’s running out of cash.
The act debuts in the local theatre, and soon the “Popper’s Performing Penguins” are featured through the whole united states.

They make a great deal of cash, while on the road he and the penguins are very successful. Regrettably for Mr. Popper, the penguins are not designed to live in summer climates. They start to get sick. Now Mr. Popper has to have substantial quantities of ice delivered to their hotel room and that is rapidly depleting their cash.

While in Ny, for their last show, Mr. Popper is presented to Admiral Drake who tells him about his hottest excursion to the North Pole. He tells him that he actually wants to pick Mr. Popper’s penguins with him because their training and high intellect will make them the finest candidates to start a new population of penguins on the north pole, where there aren’t any.

Mr. Popper decides that that would be the best for them and accepts to let them go.

He boarded the boat, eventually realizing his goal of said adieu to his wife and kids and become an explorer like Admiral Drake.