Prodigy A Legend Novel

 Prodigy is a dystopian adult book written by author Marie Lu. It’s the book of a trilogy, followed closely by Champion and preceded by Legend.

Marie Lu displays a special talent of creating a action-packed and crazy pursuit for freedom in the midst of a world that is tyranny-gripped while presenting a sensitive insight to the complex hearts of our heroes.

Marie Lu shocking with concealed truths, steamy with romance and has composed a winner of a sequel: heart pounding with excitement. You can’t help but admire both characters with their epic personalities and functions, their insecurities of losing relatives and their struggle for humanity.

Fans will be ecstatic to know that the PRODIGY ending hints of another book to come and delighted with this particular genre!

Prodigy Book Summary

Nine days after escaping Los Angeles and the controlling Republic as desired fugitives, Day and June figure out how to hop a train. Beg for assistance and the strategy would be to find the rebellious Patriots. The Patriots are their sole hope in getting the medical help he needs for the gunshot wound in his leg, and finding Day friend, Tess, his brother, Eden.

Just as they arrive at Las Vegas, there is a announcement reprinted anywhere: the Republic Elector has expired and his youthful son, Anden, is taking over as the new Elector. Day and June don’t realize till they meet with the Patriots, just how much they will be affected by this. Day and June’s request for aid will come at a high cost — the Patriots want June and Day to assist them assassinate the new Elector.

They can make a break for the East Coast and the Colonies after those tasks are accomplished. Rumors have it that the Colonies are a wonderful place to reside. Many rumors end up being untrue. In exchange for their help, attention is received by Day and is reunited with his buddy, Tess. However, the feelings of Tess have changed, and also the fact that she wants more than just friendship sends Day reeling.

Meanwhile, they get busy on the assassination plans. June is torn; she has spent her entire life being loyal to the Republic; when she decided to save the life of Day, nonetheless, she pitched her allegiances to the wind. She’s not sure where her loyalties lie other than to Day.

Nevertheless, the first part of the plan would be to ease herself back to the Republic’s confidence and get in near Anden. She is surprised to learn that Anden isn’t like his father at all, that he wants to create positive changes, if she does. It is starting to look as if assassinating him would be a mistake, particularly when she sees the truth about the assassination details.