Running Blind – Lee Child (Jack Reacher Series Book, #4)

Running Blind is the fourth book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child.

The story novel Running Blind starts in New York City, with Reacher confronting and beating up two thugs sent to accumulate protection racket funds from the new eatery he was eating in, during which he deliberately indicates that he is a member of a rival crime organisation.

Reacher questioned and is picked up by the FBI but explains he is been a loner since he mustered from the army. He is subsequently questioned about two girls whose cases of sexual harassment he coped with when he was an MP. It’s revealed they have both been killed in the previous couple of months as well as a criminal profiling team has come to the conclusion that the man responsible was someone just like Reacher.

Reacher comprehends that he has no alibi for times and the areas that the girls were killed, and he requests an attorney.

Reacher’s attorney girlfriend Jodie arrives, and he’s released after further questioning. Jodie returns to work, and Reacher drives to his house in upstate New York that he inherited from Leon Garber.

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He’s shortly called upon by two members of the FBI team that previously questioned him. A third woman has been killed, also an ex-soldier who filed in an alternate timeframe from the primary two – albeit for sexual harassment. The FBI compels him to assist with the investigation by threatening to damage him and, possibly, Jodie also.

The lead profiler on the team, Special and Reacher Agent Lamarr, drive from Big Apple to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, whilst discussing information on the case. As the three killed Lamarr’s stepsister, it so happens, is a woman with all the same particulars. Lamarr also reveals the killer’s M.O., which is killing the victims in an unknown manner, with no bruises or injuries, leaving them naked in their tub, filled with military-issue camouflage paint.

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Several meetings are held by the team at Quantico, and Reacher meets with representative Lisa Harper, the woman that must accompany Reacher.

Once there Jack purposefully instigates a turf war between competing racketeers and targets a random pair of offenders collecting protection money. This effectively removes the influence the FBI has had over Jodie and him by choosing a certain crime overlord out from the picture. With Agent Harper being none the wiser he returns.

The investigation is continued by the team, and the following victim is Representative Lamarr’s stepsister. Local policemen are subsequently put on surveillance of the remaining women on the list.

Finally Harper and Reacher get the killer. It is none apart from FBI Agent Lamarr. She is in the process when Jack intercedes of killing her fifth victim.

Harper and Reacher come to the final outcome that Lamarr was utilising her hypnotising techniques to make themselves suffocate by consuming their very own tongues. Her objectives were a sociopathic bitterness and also a family inheritance to her stepsister; the other murders were completed to muddy the investigative waters.

An agreement is reached, although the FBI is miserable not or that Reacher has killed one of their representatives, murderess.