Stung Book Series #1

STUNG book by Bethany Wiggins begins with Fiona Tarsis getting up not knowing how she got in her bed. Her home is abandoned and broken. Her neighborhood is barren and lifeless, as if no one had lived there for ages.. She notices that her body has matured. And there’s a tattoo on her right hand. A tattoo doesnt remember getting

In a world in crisis, children would be the future. Part of the cure.
When the honeybee population collapsed, a worldwide pandemic occurred along with the authorities attempted to bio-engineer a remedy. But rather individuals were turned by the vaccination . They are branded as a warning to survivors. Key individuals needed to re-build culture are protected inside a fortress- like wall. Fiona has awakened branded, to the wrong side of the wall as well as alone
Fiona looks around, as well as the community is abandoned. She meets a woman title Arrin who requires her underground through the tunnels and takes care of her. Arrin gives her advice on the best way to survive; she cuts Fiona’s hair, and tells her never reveal that she’s female. As a price on her help, she requests that Fiona rescue her brother in the militia. Fiona goes to the militia as a distraction for Arrin, but gets caught. The guard who watches over her is named Bowen. He is that she’s a girl and the only one who knows her.

Bowen and Fiona have background together: these were were neighbors and classmates. He grows so partial to her that they try to escape together. She finds out that her mother could be dead and her sister is married and alive.
Then, their hideout is broken in by the militia, and they operate to an resort and relaxation. Bowen goes out for supplies and Arrin comes back allowing her know that he has been captured. She claims she understands a way to make it to another side of the wall. It actually is a trap and Fiona is sold to the pit, the location where they’ve each other is killed by beasts for enjoyment purposes. And being the sell-out, Arrin is offered along with her.
The governor makes an offer with Arrin that if Fiona is killed by her, he will get her out of the pit. Who will survive?