The Leftovers: A Novel by Tom Perrotta

The Leftovers book, which was being made into television series that premiered on June 29, 2014 on HBO, was written by the author Tom Perrotta.

The book has 336 pages and published by St. Martin’s Press on August 30, 2011.

The author serves his own apocalypse version. A rapture-like event strikes the earth and millions of lives suddenly disappear into nothingness, leaving behind billions of people.

The Leftovers book by Tom Perrotta takes place in Mapleton, Ohio and focuses on the life of its citizens. The story revolves around Garvey’s four family members. It tells the struggles each four of them face. This astounding book is filled with love, human relationship, and loss.

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The Story of Kevin Garvey

In The Leftovers book’s plot, Kevin Garvey is the family head of the Garveys. He is the mayor of Mapleton. He believes that returning to the normality is the best way for the survivors to cope up with their loss. But then, there is an ascetic religious group called Guilty Remnant (GR), which intends to provoke people into remembering their love ones who are chosen and that life is meaningless.

Kevin’s wife chooses to leave him and joins the GR, while his college-student son joins Holy Wayne’s group and cuts all of contact with his family. The remaining family member that stays with Kevin is his daughter.

The Story of Laurie Garvey

Laurie is Kevin’s wife who chooses to join the religious club call Guilty Remnant or better known as GR and has a trainee, Meg. They spend time together performing the acts of the GR throughout the town. Then they are being promoted and live in a nicer apartment with other two men.

They grow closer day by day and develop a nonsexual romance. Their story comes to an end when Laurie has to kill Meg later on in the leftovers book.

The story of Jill Garvey

Jill Garvey is the daughter of the Garveys who stays behind with her father. Although she is struggling to cope up with the aftermath of the rapture-event and her mother’ leave, she used to be a hardworking and smart girl.

Aimee, Jill’s friend who lives with Jill and Kevin, often asks Jill to skip class and going to parties which Jill happily agrees. They neglect their studies and spend most of their time partying. Later on, Jill who wants to meet with her mother once more, runs into a twins she befriend with through Aimee and goes with them instead.

The story of Tom Garvey

Tom is the son who cuts all of contact with his family after joining Holy Wayne.

The community is in fact deals in the world of underage girls’ slavery which they deem as “bride” whom Holy Wayne has “spiritually married”. Tom is tasked to transport one of the “brides”, Christine, to Boston, and they disguised themselves as the members of Bare foot People.

Tom’s novel is absolutely mesmerizing to be read. The readers are surely going through emotional rollercoaster while following the four stories in the Leftovers book.