The Witcher Novels 3 – Baptism of Fire

 The Witcher Novels 3 : Baptism of Fire – Geralt matches a hunter Milva and expert archer while recovering out of his injuries in Brokilon sustained during the Thanedd coup. Her mastery of the bow is unequalled.

She decides to follow Geralt, who is accompanied by Dandelion, on Ciri and hopefully, his way towards Nilfgaard despite not liking the convalescing witcher. The journey isn’t simple, the warfare is encroaching apparently from all directions and nearly every town is ablaze.

Along their journey they meet a group of dwarves led by one Zoltan Chivay. Since it seems they are moving in the same way, the party of Geralt joins the group who are also shepherding some refugee women and children.

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At several points in their trip, Geralt and his companions encounter Cahir, the erstwhile “Black Rider” that plagued Ciri’s dreams.

At first, the knight is being transported in a coffin — as a prisoner! — by some hawkers, when his life is spared by Geralt .

The witcher desires nothing to do with the Nilfgaardian and leaves him to his own devices, Cahir continues to shadow his entourage and the witcher and is persistent. Through Milva’s intervention, the knight comes to join the group.

At length, the troupe is connected by Regis, a vampire, some may say “monster”, who rather surprisingly becomes the monster hunter good friend. Regis proves invaluable for his abilities.

As the band travels east, they are inevitably caught between the warring factions which leads them in the thick of the Battle for the Bridge to the Yaruga where the group is pivotal in queen Meve’s success.

It is soon after his battle that Geralt is knighted by the queen and officially becomes “Geralt of Rivia”.

She experiences killing on quite a regular basis, but also creates a bond although with the Rats. Killing becomes an obsession with the former princess.