The Witcher Novels 4 – The Tower of the Swallows

 The Witcher Novels 4 : The Tower of the Swallows – Known as The Tower of the Swallow at the United Kingdom is the fourth novel in the Witcher Saga Composed by Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

The world has fallen into warfare. The child of prophecy, Ciri, has vanished. She has taken on the guise of a bandit that was little and lifestyles free.

Nevertheless, the net around her is closing. The Witcher, Geralt, has built a set. Either side of the war have delivered brutal mercenaries to hunt down her. Her offenses have made her famous.

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The Tower Of Swallows Summary

Vysogota, an old philosopher residing in the Pereplut swamp, finds an Ciri near his retreat and takes her in, caring for her until she is ready to continue her trip.

She tells her life story to the old man: how all of the Rats were murdered by Leo Bonhartexcept for Ciri. She is convinced that both Geralt and Yennefer are lifeless, as she readies herself to depart. Based on this assumption, she renders Tor Zireael to be found by Vysogota.

Meanwhile, Geralt together with his company meet an elf named Avallac’h who tells him about a prophecy connected with Ciri.

He needs to get where Ciri is, some druids that will know. Yennefer is attempting to locate the hiding spot of Vilgefortz, but it’s not a simple undertaking.