The Witcher Novels 5 – Lady of the Lake

 The Witcher Novels 5 : Lady of the Lake – The Lady of the Lake Is the fifth novel in the Witcher Saga composed by fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

After walking through the portal site at the Tower of Swallows while narrowly escaping death, Ciri finds herself in a very different world… an Elven world. Time does not seem to exist and there are portals or no borders to cross back into her home world.

But this really is prophecy’s child, Ciri, and she won’t be defeated. She knows she has to escape to eventually rejoin his companions, Geralt, and the Witcher – and also to attempt and conquer her nightmare. Leo Bonhart, the guy who chased, tortured Ciri and wounded, is on her course. And the world is at war.

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The Lady of the Lake Summary

The story opens with Ciri bathing in a pond in an unknown universe. As she does this, she is stumbled upon by Sir Galahad of the legend. They speak, after mistaking her for the Lady of the Lake and Ciri recounts her narrative.

The story cuts to some distant point in time that happens after the narrative, where Condwiramurs, a young maiden, meets the Lady of the Lake, Nimue to study the legend of Geralt and Ciri.

They do so through study of these pictures portraying the characters and events from the narrative. Condwiramurs begins to dream of those events.

Her first fantasy is that of Stefan Skellen, who is shown have imprisoned Yennefer in some castle and to be operating with Vilgefortz.

The dream ends and a dream starts, this time handling the adventures of Geralt.

Geralt has been finishing monster contracts in Toussaint’s city while the remainder of the group, Dandelion, Regis Angoulême, and Cahir, have been relaxing and exploring. Geralt starts a connection with all the castle sorceress.

Fringilla is among the members of the Lodge, a set of sorceresses that want to control the world, and is delegated the task of delaying him to seek out Ciri and Yennefer.

Geralt eventually receives a contract to investigate and kill monsters which live in an abandoned basement near town of Toussaint.

While accomplishing the job, he overhears Skellen and other associates discuss Ciri is missing and where Yennefer and Vilgefortz are located. Geralt rushes back to Toussaint so as to gather his group and leave to rescue Yennefer.

Dandelion, enjoying the company of his lover, the Duchess Anna Henrietta, chose to remain in Toussaint and not join the rest of the group in their rescue mission.

After entering the portal in the Tower of the 20, Ciri is shown to have arrived at a foreign exchange. This world (also known as Aen Elle) appears to be ruled by elves, who reside in peace except for occasional conflicts with the unicorns.

She meets with different elves, notably Avallac’h and Eredin Breacc Glas, who is the chief of a cavalry unit named Dearg Ruadhri (The Red Riders, referred to as the Wild Hunt in Ciri’s planet) and reveals that the unicorns have become restless since she entered their planet. She is told she must bear the child of their king, Auberon, who’s over 6 years old, mostly calculated and cold.

She insists. After several nights, she confronts Avallac’h, demanding he let her go that she would like to return to her pals, and as it seems their king is not interested in her. She’s advised that after her job is accomplished she will be returned into her period, and that time occurs differently in this world.

Eredin who makes a point of telling her she will never be free of their grasp and that she basically means nothing then confronts her. Yet has to keep the king’s child.

Then he proceeds in attempting to provide her a vial with unknown liquid inside, claiming it’s a much stronger and effective aphrodisiac, sure to work when she next attempts to have sex with the king, who so fair fails to perform, hence can’t impregnate her and meet the terms of the offer.

At a bout of frustration, she rides her horse regardless of the warnings that the barrier stop her from leaving the place. As she is riding unicorns, who endanger her corner her.

She’s spared, as she’d saved one Ihuarraquax, of the unicorns, from passing in the saga. The unicorns tell her that she wants to escape out of this world and reveal how she can bypass the barrier.

Ciri returns into the castle to see Auberon die in the vial of liquid supplied by Eredin.

She steals Kelpie, which can be shown to be the only method to pass the obstruction and a boat for herself. She’s confronted by Eredin Breacc Glas. A brief battle ensues, in which she injures leaks and Eredin to combine Ihuarraquax along with other unicorns waiting.

Eredin and his riders soon chase her, and also a battle between the Dearg Ruadhri (Eredin’s Red Riders) and the unicorns ensues. Ciri, in the midst of chaos, teleports out of the world in the Guidance of Ihuarraquax.

Jarre, Melitele’s temple scribe who chooses to join the military which has formed due to the alliance between each one of the Northern Kingdoms to repel the invading Nilfgaardian military is then followed by the story.

Where she is currently jumping attempting to find her own running from the Dearg Ruadhri along with Eredin Ciri’s narrative continues. She eventually appears before Nimue, the Lady of the Lake and also Condwiramurs, who provide a portal to time and the perfect location and want her luck.

While the Northern alliance and Nilfgaard’s armies have collided in a valley close to the village of Brenna, we continue with Jarre. The battle lasts several hours, teetering on the edge of victory and defeat.

Elven units attack the Northern army’s flanks, going to slaughter the wounded in tents. A contingent of infantry charge over a mountain which was not scouted correctly by the elves as the military begins to rout. This causes panic. Coehoorn, the Nilfgaardians’ commander, is killed in an escape.

The battle is referred to as the Miracle in Brenna shortly after. The alliance soon pushes on all Nilfgaardian forces south of their Yaruga, which functioned as the border, and a ceasefire is declared in order to generate peace.

Understanding that Yennefer would die without her help and Ciri is revealed to have gone into Vilgefortz’s castle to be able to save Yennefer herself, not able to discover Geralt.

Vilgefortz laughs in turn and imprisons her anyhow, although Ciri inquires that Yennefer be published in exchange for herself.

Geralt arrives after Ciri quickly at the castle, not understanding that she arrived earlier. Before finally Milva expires from an enemy arrow, his group storm the castle and Geralt, killing many of the guys of Skellen.

Geralt and Regis visit locate Yennefer, whereas Cahir and Angoulême visit rescue Ciri once they learn she’s here. Yennefer is rescued by Geralt, who kills to rescue her.

Bonhart ambushes Ciri, desiring to kill her in a fight, but she flees and encounters Cahir, who wants to fight with Bonhart himself to rescue Ciri. Cahir is murdered shortly after Angoulême dies from her wounds, and outright.

Bonhart and Ciri and Ciri fight, eventually by using the environment to her 17, winning. She chooses the three witcher medallions which Bonhart promised to have taken witchers’ corpses off previously. Ciri runs to find Geralt and Yennefer.

Meanwhile, Geralt, Regis, and Yennefer hunt and struggle Vilgefortz. Regis is headquartered at the struggle by Vilgefortz, turning into a mass of dust. Geralt and Vilgefortz struggle, with Geralt being victorious (using the help of a magical medallion Fringilla Vigo gave back him in Toussaint).

Ciri finds Yennefer and Geralt, who opted to go outdoors. On their way into the courtyard, they kill a lot of the guys of Skellen. As they reach the courtyard, they find the Emperor of all the men of Nilfgaard imprisoning everyone and carrying the castle.

The Emperor is shown to be the father, who faked his death years ago of Ciri. The emperor turns out to be a firm believer in a prophecy, in which he has to impregnate his own daughter and make her empress to ensure the safety of the world in the generations to come (given Ciri’s special abilities/blood).

After a very long talk with Emhyr (the emperor), Geralt understands the latter will trouble him and Yennefer a departure sentence as they’re witnesses and now know sensitive information.

Emhyr grants Geralt and Yennefer the option while Ciri is carried to Nilfgaard’s funds to be married to the Emperor, to commit suicide in a bath in their own leisure as an act of goodwill. Geralt, without much of a choice, takes, and Yennefer and Geralt take a bath together, planning to die.

Ciri eventually enters the room when they ask the guards to the dagger to finally put an end to their lives. The three soon leave, with Ciri in order to take revenge/pay her respect to people who have helped her throughout her trip leading in the story. The Lodge of Sorceresses shortly contacts yennefer and is summoned to Montecalvo castle combined with Ciri.

Yennefer, departs from Ciri and Geralt having no choice, takes and takes off, telling Geralt that she might need to summon Ciri as well in a few days since they have to figure out this issue.

Geralt and Ciri continue traveling, he takes her to Touissant, they arrive just in time to see Dandelion. Dandelion is saved by a final minute loaf of Duchess Anna Henrietta, who decided not to execute him after all (it’s later revealed he caught cheating on the Duchess, and that the execution ceremony Geralt and Ciri watched was not the first he had been spared from, awarded the Duchess’s flaky personality and regular change of heart). Touissant is existed by the trio afraid her head, after which Ciri departs to Montecalvo while Dandelion and Geralt are heading to Rivia will be changed by the Duchess.

Meanwhile, the Lodge meets Ciri for the very first time, revealing their strategies to Ciri, as they intend to marry her off the heir, to Prince Tankred.

They make a point of telling her she’s only intended to be his lover and bear his child, because they cannot guarantee marriage simply because she’s no longer accountable for her birthright names (notably the sole heir of Cintrian throne, since the emperor of Nilfgaard wed a young woman known in the series as Fake-Ciri, thus making her the de facto ruler of Cintra and stripping the actual Cirilla off any titles she had).

Ciri, grown tired of all of the plots to marry off her, impregnate her or him just make plain use of her womb to get a “greater cause”, agrees to consider it again and return to the Lodge after she has decided, she then asks to proceed with Yennefer and meet Geralt at Rivia, as intended.

The Lodge votes for. Arguing it is the fate of Ciri , thus tipping the scales with Phillipa having the vote in favor of allowing Ciri watch and go Geralt.

During Geralt’s period in Rivia, meeting with his older buddies – Zoltan Chivay and Yarpen Zigren, a riot erupts, in which humans are killing indiscriminately.

Geralt, in order to defend his dwarven friends he had been in a bar with, kills individuals before being impaled on a pitchfork and enters the fray. Triss Merigold, and Ciri, Yennefer arrive in Rivia following the rioting begins, and they find Geralt on the verge of death.

The two sorceresses manage to conjure up a spell that causes a brief storm, where hail drops dispersing the rioting mob, before doing so. Yennefer, in an effort to revive Geralt, expires himself. Ihuarraquax stations his power to heal Geralt and Yennefer and appears.

Ciri asks her friends to help her and set the two’s bodies over a nearby boat. Ciri takes off to the lake which erupts into the three disappear and a light while Triss, Dandelion, and their dwarven friends say their goodbyes.

Geralt and Yennefer awake in an unknown place, (supposed to function as the isle of Avalon in the Arthurian Legends) reassuring each other.

Ciri ends recounting her tale into Galahad, who has been listening intently the whole time. Ciri states that the narrative ends with Geralt and Yennefer and that a party ensued between the different alive and dead characters of this saga.

Galahad eventually invites her to the court at Camelot, which she takes. The saga ends with Galahad and Ciri riding side by side, holding hands.