Alice in Wonderland Book Series: The Classical Stories of All Time

Alice in Wonderland book series are the classical book stories which will always be popular from time to time. These series which were made by Lewis Carroll around 2010 have attracted a lot of people especially youth and kids.

This author who used to be a mathematics lecturer in Oxford University actually has the real name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Indeed, it sounds so childish for a youth to read this book however when you have figured out the whole story it would be totally amusing.

What makes this book gets so many fans all around the world? Let’s find out here.

Plot of the Story

The title of Alice in Wonderland book series has previously changed for three times before the author fixed it into Alice in Wonderland.

This book has two stories about Alice in Wonderland and also Alice through the Looking Glass.

The adventure started when a suited white rabbit appeared in front of Alice and her sister. Alice wanted to catch the rabbit and she didn’t realize that she has gotten into a big hole with a lot of the locked doors.

In this magical place, Alice experienced a lot of things. She met a lot of animals during her adventure. She continued to enter a house where there is a house maid whose head was in a shape of a fish and the daughter with her baby in the shape of the starfish.

She thought that by following the coated white rabbit had brought her to experience a lot of things. Like opening the new door, she met lots of magical creatures in the Wonderland. She went into a door that leads to the cricket field. She met some gardeners that weren’t in the shape of the real human. They were changing the color of white roses to be red roses.

While rebelling the demands of the Queen, she got the challenge to play the cricket. The ball was the hedgehogs, the batter was the flamingo, and all the soldiers had to curve themselves to shape a bow.

During the game, the Queen showed her power by asking everyone to be killed when it didn’t please her.

In the end of the story of the Alice in Wonderland book series, Alice was accused of stealing the cake of the Queen. Alice tried to deny because there was no proof of her stealing it.

When Alice’s anger was going to explore, she came back and woke up in the middle of her sister’s side and told the bad dream that Alice had experienced. Not long after that, her sister did the same experiences.

In fact, she knew that whenever she opened her eyes, the magical land would vanish out of nowhere.

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About this Book

This book suits children and also youth because it shows how imaginative a child’s mind has.

The characters of Alice which are honest and daring can be the example for those kids to be brave in trying something new.

The moral value of this book is that Alice wanted to convey the message that we shouldn’t value someone from their physical appearance shown in Alice in Wonderland book series.