Game of Thrones Books in Order: How Throne Matters

Game of Thrones books in order is the most phenomenal book which is written by George RR Martin. This book tells and underlines about the importance of thrones for some people. In order to take over the throne, the option left to choose is to win or to die.

It is because when you want to take the throne, you need to kill those who compete with you or your position will be stolen.

What you will also love from this book is that you will get a lot of quotes which can inspire you to have better way of thinking in life.

Plot of the Story

This Game of Thrones books in order is about 7 kingdoms that want to take over the highest throne to be able to sit on the Iron Thrones.

This story is totally identical with denial, manipulation, bloody fight, power, revenge, and also loyalty. It was all started from the King Aerys Targaryen who was tragically murdered by Jamie from the Lannister call. Moreover, the Prince Rhaegar Targayeb has also been murdered by Robert Baratheon and also his company Eddard Stark.

Not many people left from the clan of Targaryen, only a daughter and a son. Then the highest throne was given to Robert Baratheon until the death of Jon Arryn triggered everything.

The king went to see Lord Stark to ask him to be the new A Hand of King but his wife opposed this idea because he once left and came back with his new son due to his affair. Eddard Stark then decided to be A Hand of King. Before his leaving, his second son fell from the tower and got into coma.

In fact, he was intentionally pushed because he had seen Bran was making love with the wife of the king, Robert Baratheon. Jon Snow, Lord Eddard’s illegitimate son, decided to be Nights Watch who has vowed not to get married.

He has to protect the wall that separates the seven kingdoms and the alien. It was all fine until Jon Arryn’s wife sent a letter to Catelyn telling that she thought her husband was killed by Lannister. Catelyn later found a knife that was possessed by Tyrion Lannister. This triggers the war between Lannister and also Stark.

Lord Stark went to South along with his daughters, Sansa and Arya. Eddard eventually found one by one terror happened in the kingdom and he felt insecure with his own position.

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On the other side, Viserys Targaryen thought of himself as the best king to take over the throne. He sold his sister Daenerys to be married with Khal Drogo in return of the troops to take over the throne.

Daenerys eventually fell in deeply love with her husband. This story is totally appealing because the author has successfully taken turn of the view points based on the characteristics of each chapter. Personally I would recommend and give rate 5 out of 5 for this Game of Thrones books in order.