Girl Boss Book: The Success of the Nasty Gal’s Creator

Girl Boss book is a novel that was written by Sophia Amoruso. It mostly tells about the autobiography of Sohpia Amoruso as the author of the story.

Moreover, the last three chapters of the book give you suggestions on how to do the business well. Probably people would be curious on how someone can be so successful in the young age. They might want to know the secret recipes behind it.

When someone has been successful, he or she must have survived from the hardship of life and he or she wants other people not to give up when they face similar issues or problems in life.

What Motivates Sophia Amoruso

For about 8 years ago, Sophia Amoruso was nobody. She was expelled from school, changed so many jobs, searched for food in the junk, and even stole things to survive things.

Things have changed a lot because now Sophia Amoruso is the young founcer, CEO, and also creative director of the Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal is one of the most popular and the most famous fashion online shops whose standard is worth million dollars.

She started her business from eBay. She just sold everything that can earn her money. She sold secondhand books, vintage clothes, and everything that she had collected from the flea market.

She had experienced the failure and success until she found her passion. She created making, her own website that was established as the fastest and the most growing retail shop in America.

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About this Book

What is more interesting about this Girl Boss book? Sophia has proven that being successful isn’t only about how popular you were in college or at school. You should have followed your passion and let the instinct you have show you the way.

Sophie Amoruso was born in San Diego. She was suspected suffering ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, when she was in the 4th grade. When her parents decided to divorce when she was 17 years old, she took the chance to get out of home and have her independent life.

She was diagnosed with hernia that was why she had to take much rest which she could use it for running her online shop in eBay. However it didn’t stop her from pursuing her career.

This book truthfully explained her hardship in the past but she used her essence in life to struggle for better future and she did.

There are hundreds of tips that you can obtain from this Girl Boss book. You will see how money can change everything and even everybody.

The point is that you have to change your mindset and all the good things would be coming to you.

Sometimes people might underestimate you by looking at you from the wealth you have, thus this book will teach you on how people, even an introvert, could survive in this suffocating world but they end up being successful.

You can see the history of Sophia Amoruso and learn a lot of things financially from this Girl Boss book.