Harry Potter Books In Order Review

Harry Potter books in order are all time best non-fiction books ever. From the first series ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ to the seventh, which became the last series, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow’ had gained such an incredible amount of success in the world record of best-selling books. J.K Rowling, since then, has been called as one of the best children book author for her huge triumph in writing all the seven series of Harry Potter Books.

What made this series got a lot of love from the readers all around the world? What’s the secret of J.K Rowling to write such an awesome story?

The Characters Strength

The story of the unbelievable life an orphan in-training young wizard, Harry Potter, came by storm when the book first published in 1997. The book then became a series of seven titles which gained astounding popularity among book lovers.

The secret of an incredible achievement of Harry Potter series books is how the author, J.K Rowling, brings the strong unique characters in the books and incredibly develops the characters along with the intense of the story plot which successfully attracted the readers excitedly to read the books in order.

The strongest character in the book is no doubt the character of Harry Potter. Yet, the awesome strong character of this young wizard doesn’t shadow the other unique characters in this story. It can be seen by lots of people who have read this series deeply fall in love with the other characters named Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, etc. They have their own unique characters have helped the story developed fabulously.

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The Incredible Story in Series

Reading the amazing story of Harry Potter in the first book apparently is not enough as it had an immediate popularity at the time it published for the first time. The readers want to read more book right after they finish reading the first book and so on, so forth. That’s the reason why the book is written up to its seventh series when J.K Rowling decided to end the adventure of Harry Potter and his magic world.

The author amazingly tells the story start from the boring hopeless Harry Potter’s world in reality to the fantastic mysterious exciting world of magic he enters. It brings the readers to such a wonderful exciting story which grabs their intention to want more of following this wondrous story.

This Harry Potter series is intentionally written as children story book, but ended up as loveable story books of both children and adults. That’s why this series has become one of the best-selling children books of all time.

Reading the story of Harry Potter series gives us a complete excitement and fantasy. The author invites us to imagine how mysterious wonderful and exciting the life of Harry Potter and his world of magic is. J.K Rowling brings us the entire fascinating astounding story through a children’s fantasy in her best-selling Harry Potter books in order.