Jack Reacher Books in Order: Crime Thriller in Slow Pace

Jack Reacher books in order are the novels which have been written by Lee Child. As it has been attracting a lot of people, this novel has been adapted to movie. Tom Cruise is the one who starred this movie.

Well, Jack Reacher is an ex Army Special Forces and also the Special Investigation Unit. This novel describes the role of Jack Reacher as perfect as possible. The author clearly describes him as the tall, sturdy, competent in doing the body combat, martial arts, weapon experts, calculative, and also stubborn at the same time.

Where the Story Begins

During the mysterious bomb in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there were 5 victims who were found dead. The perpetrator who used to be the military sniper named James Barr was captured as there were found so many evidences that lead to him.

During the hours of investigation, Barr needs to get a name behind it. Jack Reacher spontaneously came without prior notice.

Jack Reacher is the one who will help the investigation to end up solved. In fact, the more people involved in, the more dangerous they will be in.

Jack Reacher has to deal with so many issues and cases to figure out. There are some people who have been trying to get rid of him but he comes back alive. It seems like the story will be led for the people to think of him as dead but the story turns out different.

The role of Jack Reacher is so strong in action. There are loads of scenes where he did the fight alone.

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Jack Reacher Books In Order

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About the Book

Jack Reacher books in order have slow place that offers the crime thriller. It slowly explains one by one about all the characters and the conflicts in it. For those who enjoy hurried pace of crime thriller, this isn’t the one you should be handling with.

In fact, at the end of the story the pace would be totally fast, even though it is way different than those marvelous and stunning ending that you had expected. Well, it seems to be more classical during the adrenaline rush.

The description of Jack Reacher is a guy or a man whose fighting ability is beyond common. When he is under pressure, he will be exploded like a ticking bomb.

All the readers would be able to have the imagination how adorable yet terrifying he is when he is angry and mad. Not going to be too exaggerating, Jack Reacher can be the best description of a single man fighter. As the background he has is an ex military, people would need no worry about his risk or chance of failure. That is why in the end of the story, Jack Reacher would be the one winning over the failure and lost.

These book series might be entertaining but for the reader who doesn’t enjoy reading the crime thriller in slow pace before reaching the end of the story, this isn’t the one you should eat up. Probably these Jack Reacher books in order aren’t your type.