Jesse Andrews’ Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: the Life of the Invisible High School Teen

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl book is a novel written by Jesse Andrews which was released on March 1, 2012. The book is filled with humor but also has its own fair share of drama.

It focuses on a story of a high school student that somehow manages to make himself invisible in the eye of his school mates. Greg Gaines, a senior at Benson High School, befriends everyone but also stays out of troubles.

He is a loner who can socialize with everyone when needed to. His only friend is Earl Jackson, his childhood friend, whom he claims as his coworker. The two of them come from a poor and broken family and have same interest. They love making film of their own, but never show their works to another for fear of mockery.

One day, Greg’s mother forces Greg to befriend Rachel, a girl from his childhood that was diagnosed with leukemia. Although he doesn’t want to, he can’t say no to his mother’s request.

Greg then befriends Rachel reluctantly and later on introduces Earl to the girl; they even show Rachel their DVDs. The word gets out around school that Greg and Rachel have become close.

Madison, Rachel’s friend and Greg long-time crush, asks the boys to make a movie for Rachel; which they do even though they have a lot of disagreement in the making and decide to throw in every idea they have.

But much to their horror, the movie is shown in school assembly and being watched by everyone.

They are very upset and angry by this. In his anger, Greg stops attending school and destroys all of his DVDs.

When Rachel dies, the two boys are left devastated and start again their journey to their future.

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Book Review

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl book is very interesting indeed. Jesse Andrews successfully writes a sad high school drama and yet still manages to put a smile through sadness for the readers.

The book is actually a very sad story, the pain of losing a friend to death. It has left the readers speechless and drench in tears.

You can actually feel the characters’ pain when they find out about their friend’s death. Especially the ending of the book is painful yet very beautiful. But then, in every step of the character’s journey the writer always put good humor that definitely can crack you up and briefly makes you forget that there is a dying girl in the story.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl book has interesting point of view. Although it uses first person point of view, which is Greg’s, it alternates between Greg telling us about the story to Greg’s movie.

The book clearly describes each character’s personality to give the readers more vivid mental images when they read the book. Jesse has succeed in taking the reader in an adventure. Want to find out? Read it yourself in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl book.