Jupiter Ascending Book: Impressively Ridiculous but Stunning

Jupiter Ascending book is a science fiction book that is blended well into an imaginative fantasy story. This story is shown in a film which was aired in 2015.

The main characters of this story are Jupiter Jones and Caine. Jupiter Jones is played by Mila Kunis while the Caine is played by Channing Tatum. The duration of this story is around 2 hours with the stunning and extraordinary outer space effects. To be much more satisfying, you can enjoy this story in 3D with the fresh and original plot.

The Plot of Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter is the name of the housemaid who has no hope of changing her future for years. One day while cleaning the boss’ daughter’s room, she noticed that some aliens are trying to take her away because she believes that that daughter is the incarnation of the Queen.

She thought it was a dream but it turns out to be real. In another place, there are so many aliens who want to capture Jupiter. In fact, The Protector that is played by Channing Tatum will save her from those aliens.

Because of her curiosity, Jupiter wants to figure out about what had happened especially after the aliens she found on that boss’ daughter bedroom. She meets a doctor that is not a real human. Those aliens wear the doctor’s costume and act like one.

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Those aliens have nearly successfully killed Jupiter but Cain has obviously saved her from her death. What you will love from this Jupiter Ascending Book is that this story doesn’t always tell about the fantasy between human and aliens. In the middle of the story you will find some romantic parts between Jupiter and also Cain. Probably because they have spent time together for a long time, that feeling of love finally sticks them together.

The main problem of the whole story is about the world seizing from human and those human beings from other galaxies. In other galaxies, humans are used as the essence for the Royal Family to be eternally young. Thus they can conquer the world and all things in it when they can’t get old.

The Quality of the Whole Story

Jupiter Ascending Book is written and produced by Wachoski Brothers. Some people believe that it works the same plot as Matrix. Well, Wachoski Brothers are the one behind the success of Matrix Trilogy.

When you do enjoy watching the Matrix Trilogy, you will end up being in love with this Jupiter Ascending story because it underlines the imaginative story behind it all. The CGI effects in this story are totally clear and also stunning.

In fact, the minus points in this Jupiter Ascending book are the effects are being too much thus the plot isn’t that detail exposed. The plot is considered as plain because the director seems unwilling to explore more stories to make the story looks more complicated.

The plot is just short and the ending finishes by too much talking in too many conversations as well. I think when the story is blown up a bit further, there would be an increase of the rating of Jupiter Ascending Book.