Kiss the Girls Book: The Investigations in Baffling and Horrifying Murder Cases

Kiss the Girls book is actually a book which has been very popular recently. This international book has been sold out in mostly all countries. This book that is made by James Patterson is available in Mass Market Paperback edition in 496 pages.

The book whose genre is in mystery, thriller, and also crime has successfully attracted its readers all around the world to altogether solve the murder cases so that in time the readers would be able to figure out who is behind all these murder cases.


The Plot

It tells about a passionate reporter who is undergoing a deep investigation about a series of murder who is suddenly killed. Another case happens when the prettiest medical intern disappears without proper explanation where she goes. The killer called himself as The Gentleman.

How does The Gentleman work? First, The Gentleman would lure the victims up before murder and dismember them brutally and sadistically.

It is like opening the veil one by one to make it clear and clearer. Here it begins. There is a detective named Alex Cross in Kiss the Girls book. When a murder has been committed, he starts off an investigation to dig exactly what happens.

While he was doing an investigation on a case, another murder happened. He needs to call off the first case he got because others need him to find out the solution of the case. In fact, Alex Cross keeps doing both cases and slowly solve one by one.

The case becomes much more intriguing when the niece of Alex Cross got abducted. Alex Cross feels trapped between his ability to save his niece and his unwilling his niece to get hurt.

During his investigation of those cases, he met an interesting woman named Kate McTiernan that makes his heart thumping. Luckily, his feeling gets the mutual feeling as well. He steadily solves the murder right from the start and figures out the perpetrators behind this murder.

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Plus Points

What you will love from this Kiss the Girls book is that the characters get upgraded which later fir the story very well. The twist of this story is totally unexpected and you won’t be able to have a guess of who is the perpetrator. Indeed, you can guess the perpetrators in mind but you shouldn’t have high hopes for too much. From a chapter to another, all of the readers are able to place themselves in the place of Alex Cross.

Some readers believe that James Patterson might have the same cycle of the plot. Believe it or not, first Patterson will make a scheme that is filled with cases or problems, then he will insert the romantic things in the middle of it, and in the end he will make the perfect twist in the perfect timing too.

In fact, for me personally this is the best thriller book ever. It isn’t only entertaining but also intriguing at the same time. Nobody can guess it right about the ending of the Kiss the Girls book.