Magic Tree House: Come and Join Jack and Annie’s Adventures through Magical Books

The Magic Tree House books are collection of children’s books by American author Mary Pope Osborne. Salvatore Murdocca is the illustrator of the original American series and Ayana Amako as the Japanese edition’s illustrator.

The books were published by Random House Books with the first book being published is Dinosaurs Before Dark, which has ten chapters, in 1992. Mary’s Magic Tree house books have been translated into more than 33 languages and sold for more than 135 million copies worldwide.

Magic Tree House books have been divided into two groups. The first group consists of 28 books and is aiming for those beginner readers age range from 6 to 10 who are starting their book reading. The second group, which is starting from book 29 up, is called Magic Tree house Book Merlin Mission Books.

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Overview of the Book #1-28

Magic Tree House books #1-28’s stars are Jack (8) and Annie Smith (7), two siblings from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. The two find a magic tree house in the wood near their house fills with magical books.

The magical books that they use bring them to the books owner, Morgan Le Fay, who sends them to numerous and thrilling adventures later on.

The first book to take the readers to an adventure is through the Dinosaurs Before Dark and the last book is High Tide in Hawaii. Each book in the Magic Tree House books #1-28 provides the young readers with different missions filled with many different subjects to arouse their interest.

Overview of the Book #29-Up

The Magic Tree House books #29-up are for the more advanced readers from age 7 to 10. These books are similar with the other 28 books before.

The young adventures are still the Smith siblings, Jack and Annie, but this time they are 11-and-10-year-old respectively.

The mission quests come from an ancient wizard, Merlin the Magician, from Camelot. Jack and Annie encounter Kathleen and Teddy, two apprentices who will join in their journeys later on, while they are travelling. The missions are harder than in the first group. It all starts with the book #29 Christmas in Camelot which was released on October 10, 2001.

About the Author Magic Tree House

Mary Pope Osborne was born on May 20, 1949. She has been writing more than 60 children’s stories. The best known work of this American author is her award-winning and bestselling the Magic Tree House books, which were inspired by her journeys and experiences that she put into writing.

The Magic Tree House Collections

These collections have everything you need to boost your children’s interest in reading. Not only the books come out with superb illustration, but also they have variant subjects that you can choose to suit the kids taste in reading story.

Lots of teachers also use these books to teach their students in class, mainly in grade 2 to 4. The parents will also find the joy in helping their beloved children to enhance their reading skill through the Magic Tree House books.