Me Before You Book Summary: Love Saves, Love Kills

The Me Before You book summary is a romance story written by Jojo Moyes in 2012. The novel is the winner of the Richard & Judy Galaxy Bookclub in 2012.

However, the content about disability that the book carries has aroused critics from Disability Advocates; saying that the book and its film adaption has been suggesting that live is not worth living for someone with severe disabilities.

Book Summary

In Me Before You book summary, tells a story of twenty-six-year-old Louisa Clark who lives a simple life with her working-class family and helps supporting her family’s finance.

When the café where she works suddenly closed down, she loses her only job. She goes job hunting but failed many times. Then someone offers her a job to help care for Will Traynor. Will is a successful, wealthy young man who becomes disabled for two years after his motorcycle accident.

Lou begins her work but face difficulty since Will is very bitter about the arrangement due to his resentment over being disabled. Will’s mood darken when he finds out that his ex is going to marry his best friend. Will once have ever tried to end his life by cutting that left scar on his left wrist, which Lou notices.

She overheard Camilla and Will’s sister discussing Will’s request to end his life through Dignitas (a suicide organization in Swiss) which they refuse. Camilla will only agree to Will’s wish to die if he agrees to live for six more months.

Hiding the fact that Lou knows about Will’s death wish, she consult to her sister, Treena. Lou tries her best in convincing Will to abandon his wish. She talks to Will about trips, what places they want to visit, what places they like. She and Will gradually become close.

When a holiday come, Lou convince Will to go on a vacation with her. She takes Will to Mauritius Island. When they spend time together, Lou tells Will that she loves him. She admits that she already knows about his death wish, but Will won’t abandon his original plan to die since he is tired living on a wheelchair.

Lou gets hurt and upsets by Will’s final decision and doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the way home. Once home, Lou resigns her position as Will’s caretaker.

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Lou visits Will on the night of his flight to Switzerland. They talks about their time together, that the past six months they spend together is the best time of their life. Lou let go and Will dies. Lou finds out that Will has left her a large inheritance.

Will wants Lou to use it to continue her studies, to find her ambition, and to fully experience life she has. Although Lou can’t save Will, Will has saved her back. Lou is reminiscing her time with Will while reading his letter in Will’s favorite café in Paris.

Jojo Moyes novel will surely bring you to experience a lot of emotion in his Me Before You book summary.