Pretty Little Liars: Never Trust a Pretty Girl with an Ugly Secret

Pretty Little Liars book series is a very popular young-adult series which has gained a lot of interests from the readers worldwide. These book series by Sara Shepard have sat in The New York Times Bestseller List: Children’s Series for eight weeks in 2008 and even snatched an award in IRA/CBC for young adults’ choice in the same year.

The novels have their own TV series adaption which starts airing in 2010. The author of the series has written 16 books which are being divided in 4 arcs.

Each series has its own charms which capture the readers’ interest and keep them captivated with the stories. Sara has put friendship, treachery, betrayal, bullying, and mystery in one place; she even adds an interesting twist that surprise many readers.

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In Pretty Little Liars book series, the novels have many characters throughout the story. It sometimes can be confusing for the readers since there are old and new characters that we first thought to be unimportant, but later on played a big role in the story. Someone who doesn’t have good memory will have a hard time recalling of who is who.

Furthermore, the story itself is a face-paced story that alternating between the past and the present, giving not enough time for the readers to really connect with the main characters and digest their so-called dark secret that the girls want to hide from the world.

The Plot Summary

Pretty Little Liars book series sets in the suburb of Rosewood, Philadelphia. The story revolves around group of five girls, who are best friends- Spencer Hastings is a headstrong, overachieving rich girl, Hanna Marin who suffers from eating disorder and obsesses to stay beautiful, Aria Montgomery is an eccentric girl who is still trying to find herself , Emily Fields is the loyal friend of the group who is confused by her sexuality, and their manipulative leader Alison DiLaurentis. Each of them has their own dark secret that only Alison knows of.

Their close knit falls apart when one of their friends, Alison, mysteriously disappears during the slumber party when they were in eighth grade. The remaining four have grown apart and kept their secret to themselves, while harboring mix feelings between grief and relieve.

The story jumps three years later when the four reunited again in high school and they begin questioning the mysterious disappearance of Alison. But a strange occurrence is happening. The girls begin receiving mysterious massages from someone who uses initial ‘A’. ‘A’ threatens the girls to expose their dirty little secret, even the secret that only Alison knows.

They suspect that this ‘A’ person is Alison, maybe she has returned from wherever she has been hiding. But when Alison body was found buried in her old house’s backyard, the girls are panicking inside out. They are desperate for an answer of who this ‘A’ could be, but neither of them wants to admit that they receive threatening massages from ‘A’ unless they are brave enough to spit out their ugly secret.

Who could this ‘A’ be? Why she/he/they know so much about their dirty little secret that only a dead person was supposed to know? What could the girls have done to receive these threats and ruin their lives? The readers would be sucked into the world full of dark secret, mysterious events, and unexpected twist in Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars book series.