Star Trek Voyager Novels

Dark blue denotes the key story. Short-story collections printed in relation to the television series Star Trek: Voyager. A total of 49 books have been released since 1995, beginning with the episode novelization of Caretaker. The latest novel, entitled A Pocket Full Of Lies, was released in January 2016.

Jump ahead of the next jumping-on-point to 28 books were released during the series’ initial run from This is a list of All of the various novels, novels and The enlarged storyline. Overall continuity.

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Star Trek : Voyager is a series of science fiction novels Light blue denotes Depending on the television show that ran from 1995-2001. The boat was captained by Kathryn Janeway, the only female to ever be showcased as the captain at a Star Trek series.

1995–2001, with one additional novel, The Nanotech War, being published a few months after the series had ended. Of these novels, 21 are so called “numbered novels”, which take place in a specific order and are interconnected through the series’ run. The television series itself did not use any substance mentioned in the books.

Shares references together with the Relaunch and other works. The crossover storyline with Starfleet Academy joins five comic entries.

A variety of references in elements of both the Wildstorm Star Trek Special and the anthology New Worlds, New Civilizations connect Voyager stories from both those functions. Voyager figures only minorly in Before Dishonor and the Destiny trilogy, nevertheless due to their story reshaping events they are included here.

This series was ‘re-relaunched’ after Destiny and taken in a brand new direction. In addition to the other references mentioned below, several added books are linked because of a recurring character and assorted references in other books, or into other books.

Others are linked by the five crossover series Invasion! Two short stories are connected, one from The Brave and the Bold duology (which ties into the Gorkon series) and you from Tales From the Captain’s Table (which ties into the Relaunch.) One publication in a different series spans over with VOY- TOS: No Time Like the Past.

Read these to your bare bones story. Get present quicker. Denotes every other linked narrative from the whole Lit-verse, no matter Also included are the stories out of Distant Shores, which Read all or any The snowy The Voyager reading list is based around the Of these to go a bit deeper.

List of Star Trek Voyager Novels Books

Caretaker (1995)
The Escape (1995)
Ragnarok (1995)
Violations (1995)
Incident at Arbuk (1995)
Mosaic (1996)
The Murdered Sun (1996)
Ghost of a Chance (1996)
Cybersong (1996)
Bless the Beasts (1996)
Flashback (1996)
The Garden (1997)
Chrysalis (1997)
The Black Shore (1997)
Day of Honor: Her Klingon Soul (1997)
Marooned (1997)
Day of Honor: The Television Episode (1997)
Echoes (1998)
The Captain’s Table: Fire Ship (1998)
Pathways (1998)
Seven of Nine (1998)
Death of a Neutron Star (1999)
Battle Lines (1999)
Equinox (1999)
Captain Proton: Defender of Earth (1999)
Cloak and Matters (2000)
Ghost Dance (2000)
Shadow of Heaven (2000)
Section 31: Shadow (2001)
Gateways: No Man’s Land (2001)
Endgame (2001)
The Nanotech War (2002)
Homecoming (2003)
The Farther Shore (2003)
Old Wounds (2004)
Enemy of My Enemy (2004)
Distant Shores (2005)
Cohesion (2005)
Fusion (2005)
Evolution (2006)
Full Circle (2009)
Unworthy (2009)
Children of the Storm (2011)
The Eternal Tide (2012)