The 5th Wave: Trust No One if You Want to Survive

The 5th wave book series is trilogy novels by Rick Yancey and was first published on May 7, 2013 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons. This young-adult science-fiction trilogy is attack-of-the-alien based story.

The aliens, or better known as “the Others” in his book, attack the earth through a series of sequences.

Yancey describes through his novel that there are five waves the alien attacking the earth. The first wave is the darkness envelopes the earth. The second wave is when those only with luck remain on earth and the third is the unlucky ones survive. When the fourth wave comes, you should trust no one if you want to continue to exist. And then there is the fifth wave that Yancey shows vividly in his first series.

The 5th wave is the first book that tells a story of sixteen years old girl, named Cassie Sullivan, desperately trying to survive on her own after the alien blows up her refugee camp that killed her father. She sets out on a journey on her own, heading to a ‘training’ camp, hoping that she will be able to save her brother. She has a faithful encounter with Evan. Together, they head to the ‘training’ facility.

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Story Inspiration

Have you ever wonder where are all of these fascinating stories in the 5th wave book series comes from? In an interview with Lightspeed Magazine, Rick Yancey states that his inspiration of this trilogy first comes from his nightly conversation with his wife.

He asked her about her biggest fear and his wife said that she was afraid of alien abduction. From there, the idea of writing the book comes flooding in. He describes in his interview of how the alien will attack human. That they have to get to know the human better before attacking; learn about human, find their weakness and turning it into the aliens advantage.

Yancey then realized that the attack couldn’t just happen to be one attack since the world is too big. He then made a list of stages and later on become the five waves of alien attack.

Film Adaptation

The 5th wave book series have gain a lot of fans that made Colombia Pictures claiming the right of the trilogy to be made into live action. The movie was directed by J Blakeson. The female lead was played by Chloe Grace Moretz and the movie was released in early 2016. Although the book receives good reviews, it doesn’t work that way for the film adaptation. The film is considered to be a failure and disappointed many fans.

Book Review

Rick Yancey has done a great job in presenting the aliens’ attack that results in annihilated almost all of human being on earth. The stages or waves that Yancey has created are very entertaining, the characters are well written, and the readers are kept well curious about what will happen next. It is worth your time to dive into Rick’s world in the 5th wave book series.