The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love

Meagan Good book, The Wait: a Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, is a book that Meagan Good writes with her beloved husband, DeVon Franklin.

The book has 272 pages and was published by Howard Books on February 2, 2016. It has become one of New York Bestsellers. In the book, the two share their journey in courtship, marriage, and their key to the success.

Inside the Book

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good, one of the powerful Hollywood couple, share their story about their courtship, their marriage, and their key to success – waiting, inside of a book. Before their marriage, the two decide to celibate during their courtship. They explain the difficulty they had faced to maintain their vow.

DeVon Franklin, who is the CEO of Franklin Entertainment and former Sony Pictures executive, has sworn on celibacy for decade. Many people, who know his vow, have publicly and privately ridiculed his decision. He expresses how hard it is to handle such situation. On the other hand,

Meagan Good, the award winning Hollywood actress, explains that it is all about control. How difficult it is for her to explain her decision to her family and friends, how many temptation she has faced. She says that for women, “Celibacy is control,” and encourages her peers to be brave and stay strong.

The Message from the Book

In Meagan Good book, they touch only a little at morality topics or Christian ethics. It is the best friendly guide a person can get when they need encouragement in choosing celibacy in hope for everlasting marriage. Meagan and DeVon have inspired many through their description of the nature of their relationship.

They share that waiting is the key to their success. Rather than rushing a relationship, they choose to do something that in today’s society is unheard of, celibate or abstaining from sex before marriage. Well, the wait is not only about sex, it is also helping you figuring out your life.

Waiting teaches you to be patience, to trust your partner, and have faith in them. If you want to get your mind in the right direction, to be able to figure out who you really are and who you truly want to be with, what you want from your life; waiting is the right choice you can make.

By waiting, you can taste the sweetness of your patience once the time finally comes to you.

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Readers’ Review of the Book

Many people, who have read The Wait, have been inspired and saved by the couple. They fall in love with the book and the encouragement they give. The book is easy to read and fill with many encouragement words that can actually change someone’s life.

The readers who choose to do the celibacy turn to this book for some tips and support. All in all, many positive reviews from the readers are given for Meagan Good book.