Tripwire Novel Lee Child (Jack Reacher Series Book, #3)

Tripwire is the third novel in the Jack Reacher series composed by Lee Child. It had been released in the United Kingdom and America in 1999.

The key story starts with Jack Reacher bumping right into a private detective who happens to be seeking for Jack which is being working two jobs in Key West. Costello is working for a client named Mrs. Jacob, a name Reacher does not recognise.
Whilst Reacher is working his night job as a bouncer in a strip club, two quite suspicious-looking men also make questions about his location. Reacher attempts to follow them but instead finds Costello killed on the footpath.

Jack subsequently flies to New York to find out why he was killed for it and why Costello was looking for Reacher.

Reacher gets the contact information for Mrs. Jacob and arrives in the midst of a funeral for his old mentor and friend, Leon Garber. His daughter, Jodie Garber-Jacob is disclosed to be the mysterious, divorced Mrs. Jacob.

Reacher and Jodie follow Costello’s trail, uncovering information on her dad’s last job, an investigation for the aged Hobie parents on their missing in action (MIA) military son, Victor Truman Hobie.
The investigation takes them to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO and to the military Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii, a particular facility that manages forensic remains of soldiers.

They find Hobie offered for the Vietnam War and was a skilled pilot of a helicopter that went crash. However, the truth that Hook Hobie is not who he says he is comes out, plus it turns out that Hobie was actually a soldier named Carl Allen who stole the identity of Victor Hobie after he perished in the crash.
During and following the war, Allen gathered a fortune organizing illegal deals and money lending, first as a road lender then as a corporate “last-resort” lender for firms financially rejected by banks.

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His company strategy is precisely the same, whether in a corporate boardroom or a dark alley, terrorising customers and killing of family members should they default.

he’s been plotting a takeover of a multimillion-dollar business owned by Chester and Marilyn Stone. Hobie kidnaps and tortures them to speed the procedure up, blackmailing them to sign over all of the shares.
Jodie is the financial attorney assigned to manage the Stone’s company trade and ends up captured with Marilyn and Chester.

Reacher realises he has to shield Jodie from the killers of Costello in addition to other unknown hostiles.

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