Welcome to Night Vale Book

Welcome to Night Vale book is one of popular and best-selling science-fiction, fantasy, horror genre novel written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. It was first published on September 20, 2015.

The book has received many good responses from the readers and critiques. Welcome to Night Vale successfully deliberates the story about mystery of finding faith and science. It tells about the developing relationship between youngsters who badly need to have faith in each other.

The Synopsis

The book, which was published in 2015, tells about an imaginative mystery of presences and vanishings and describes the ways all of us fight to find ourselves anywhere we live.

The story of Welcome to Night Vale book began in a location called Night Vale. It is a small town where aliens, angels, ghosts and government conspiracies become ordinary parts of people’s daily basis. Night Vale is a place where the lives of two mysterious women will unite.

It all started when there was a mysterious man wearing a tan jacket and holding a deer skin suitcase came to the town. The mysterious man came in a nineteen-year-old Night Vale pawn shop owned by a woman named Jackie Fierro. He gave the pawn shop owner a “King City” marked paper.

Everything seems really mysterious as Jackie’s hand can’t let the paper away and there is no one who ever meets the man recall anything about him. Jackie can’t help herself to find out who the man in the tan jacket exactly is and reveal the mystery of what is written in the paper, ‘King City.”

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Other part of the book tells the story of Diane Crayton, a PTA treasure of Night Vale. She has a son named Josh who is a ship shifter and a moody kind of person. Josh likes to change himself and he does it a lot every time her mother sees him.

Diane feels restless when she sees Josh father around the town as her son displays a lot interest on his estranged father. Seeing that, Diane can see disaster is coming to her.

Diane feels vulnerable that she can’t do anything to avoid that to happen.

Both women, Jackie’s pursuit for her previous routine life and Diane’s pursuit to reconnect with her son are related as they are later connected by the two words written on the paper “King City.” It turns out that they have to find that King City if they want to know the answers of all the mysteries in their life and also what future they might face.

Good Reviews

As this Welcome to Night Vale book came out, it gained a lot numbers of praises from many critics. They give different praises to the book. Some say that the book is absurd yet charming. Some others say it is a superb, weird, and poignant novel. This fantasy book shows an empathetic humanity in the story.

If you are looking for a good companion or reading, this book will be the perfect piece. If you like a fantasy book with full of mystery, get this Welcome to Night Vale Book.