Will Bill O’Reilly New Book Achieve the Same Success?

Bill O’Reilly new book, “Killing England” will be one of anticipated novels to read this. Bill O’Reilly wrote a new book which is part of his blockbuster series “Killing” in the last six years. All of the books has been a huge success and always become best-selling non-fiction books every year. In spite of the controversy surroundings the career of O’Reilly, all of his books gain an amazing success in selling.

About Bill O’Reilly

William James O’Reilly Jr. or Bill O’Reilly is an American author, journalist, political commentator, and a television host who was born on September 10, 1949.

He has been working in the media for quite a long time. He began his career as a reporter for local television stations during the late 1970 and 1980s. He has got his reputation since he joined Fox News Channel in 1996.

His most popular and last TV show was The O’Reilly’s Factor. It was the highest-rated TV cable news show for incredibly 16 years. He was fired from Fox Television since he was alleged doing various sexual harassment and got lawsuits from a number of women.

Bill O’Reilly has also written a number of books which have received good  reviews from the readers and all of his books have gained a huge success. Four of them are even best-seller books: Killing Jesus (2013), Killing Patton (2014), Killing Reagan (2015) and Killing the Rising Sun (2015).

Began writing in 1998, O’Reilly is admitted as one good author. For the last 6 years O’Reilly has written 6 books of his “Killing” series and now lots of readers have awaited Bill O’Reilly new book.

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Killing England

“Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence” is O’Reilly new book and like all his previous books, it is expected to receive the same success of might be more successful than the previous books. This new book of Bill O’Reilly, the seventh installment, will tell about Revolutionary war of America.

O’Reilly wrote this book with his because he never found any books or other records that tell about the detail actions of what happened during the revolutionary war of America in fighting for its independence.

The story of the struggle for American independence will be told from the point-of-view of lots of American heroes who lead the fight against England to get an independence of a new nation.

Those heroes include Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. They fought their enemy from across the sea, King George III of England.

Although O’Reilly has been through a difficult time since the sexual harassment case, that made him fired from his work, the publisher still want to publish his latest book as they expect the same success as the previous four books of ‘Killing” series.

The success of the book can be seen from the number of the pre order. We’ll see how god this “Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence” in the selling record.

Can this new book achieve the same success as its successor? We will look forward for this Bill O’Reilly new book.